Living in isolation

“Living in isolation” is the first of three series of reports, which have been realized between 2019 and 2020 by COSPE in collaboration with Democratic Jurists, CNR-ISGI (International Legal Studies), Operazione Colomba, Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII, Aveprobi (Venetian Association of Organic and Biodynamic Producers), together with the Palestinian organizations Al Haq, PYU (Palestinian Youth Union) and ACAD (Arab Center for Agricultural Development). The factsheets, realized in the framework of the project “Land and Rights” funded by AICS, the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, collect and denounce human rights violations by the State of Israel against the Palestinian population.

Broken families and paradoxical places in the occupied Palestinian territories

In the occupied Palestinian territories, Israel, as occupying power according to International Law, is conducting discriminatory policies and practices with the goal of dividing and fragmenting the Palestinians and their homeland. In pursuing this aim, the occupying power created paradoxical and uninhabitable places: Al Walajah and Beit Ijza represent only two examples.

Lost Connection: the incessant search for serenity of the community of Tuba

The Palestinian village of Tuba, in the South Hebron Hills, is surrounded by desert dunes. The natural isolation of the village was, long ago, a real blessing for its community of shepherds, until the beginning of the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian territories completely upset its existence. Today, the inhabitants of Tuba are seeking lost serenity, experiencing daily violence and discrimination on their skin, as unbearable as unpunished.

Trapped in an illusory open space: the isolation of Nabi Samwil and Beit Iksa

The Palestinian villages of Beit Iksa and Nabi Samwil are located in the north-west area of Jerusalem, on hills that gently descend into valleys towards the nearby Holy city. Apparently serene and pleasant places to live, in reality the two communities live in isolation. Israel, as an occupying state according to International Law, is the real responsible for their isolation and has adopted policies and practices that have irreversibly altered the present life and future prospects of these communities, violating their fundamental rights.